Principal Message

Central Public School Mubarakpur, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, as an institution of learning takes
its responsibility towards the cause of knowledge in staunch sincerity. It is not just an institution
of learning but a crucible where character and values of the students are shaped. As a premier
academic institution of the district, the School, endeavors to go beyond merely disseminating
education to expanding its very boundaries to knowledge production. It aspires to establish a
knowledge based society in the district. The School aims to provide affordable and quality
education to all the sections of the society. It looks forward to take advantage of the modern
information and communication technologies to accomplish its end.
The vision of Central Public School is to inspire young minds to learn with devotion, act with
discipline and to develop one’s personality to its full stature imbibing self-confidence and
constructive leadership qualities. It aspires to adopt good manners, aesthetic sense and pride in
order to serve the society with an inherent sense of social responsibility. The School represents
aspiration of the emerging society, which, with the help of education strives to make the world a
better place to live in. It also represents aspiration of the society to get modernized intellectually.
It aims to prepare students in such an environment where they can compete in the twenty first
century world. The institution inculcates and enhances a sense of belongingness to the society
among the students, so that they live in and help develop a better world. It intends to impart such
education to the young minds which not only help them to excel in their professional fields but
also enable them to emerge as a better human being in order to contribute towards nation
building process.