The School has a very good infrastructure. C.P.S. has all the facilities which are required for modern & advanced education:

    • The School has well equipped Composite Lab with all the modern equipment and infrastructures.
    • Area of the School Campus is 2.058 Acres/8453.07364832 sq. mtrs where the built up area is more than 1876 sq.mtr.
    • Computer literacy programme is designed from Class I onwards. It is used as an effective tool in the teaching-learning process for both students & teachers.
    • The School has a very good library. It is 51*20 sq. feet in terms of area. The School Library has a rich collection of books as well as reference books. The library subscribes to various English & Hindi Newspapers. Library provides various magazines periodicals etc. Students are advised to for library membership & obtain library card.
    • The School has a well equipped sick room for general treatment of the students and it maintains a regular health and medical check-up of its students.
    • The School has a very good facility for indoor games.
    • The School has a well equipped Social Science Lab for various project related works.
    • The School has a separate room for Music & Dance Classes.
    • The School has a separate play room for primary section students where they are taught via audio-visual methods.
    • The School has a large playground (7442.88 sq. mtr.).
    • The School has its own Electric & Water supply system.
    • Every Year School organizes exhibitions and excursion for its students.
    • Educational tour is compulsory for every student from Class IX onwards.